ThingWave at Underground Operators Conference 2021

ThingWave will, together with Epiroc, show our Digitized Ground Support (DGS) system in the prestigious Underground Operators Conference 2021 in Perth, Australia 15th to 17th March. The system is built up by a demo rock bolt with the same function as we have been testing in mines for the last year. The bolts communicate with a gateway in the booth, thus building a mesh network (we have other alternatives including 5G and Wi-Fi) and the information is visualized by our cloud solution in real-time.
In the visualization, it is possible to see the rock bolts’ position in the mine and the load they taking from the rock. In the booth at the expo, you can handle the demo bolt by your own hand and in real-time see the result visualized as an elongation of the bolt. In real life, we have lots of other functions such as alarms and different information about the system as well as security protocols and data storage.

More information about the conference is available at
With the COVID-19 situation at the moment, we are not able to be in Perth but please visit the Epiroc booth.