ThingWave AB was born in February 2016 as a natural step after winning the IPSO Challenge 2015 in December 2015 at San Jose, US. ThingWave has been funded as a spin-off company from the Luleå University of Technology, with more than 15 years of experience with connected embedded devices by Jens Eliasson and Pablo Puñal Pereira.

ThingWave is focused on production optimization and safety in Industrial Environments, such as mining production, critical structures monitoring, production chains, etc. We are experts on the Industrial Internet of Things, and all our products follow the criteria of robustness, energy optimization, zero installation impact. ThingWave offers a complete solution from the sensor to the cloud, to guarantee a real-time monitorization at any moment.

Board of Directors

Jens Eliasson
CEO & Co-founder

Has more than 15 years of experience in the field of industrial Internet of Things, security and automation. He previously held an Associate professor’s title at Luleå University of Technology where he was performing research in Internet of Things, Industrial Internet, security and sensor networks.

Pablo Puñal Pereira
CTO & Co-founder

With a broad background in Physics and Engineering, he started to work with Industrial Internet of Things applications in 2012. Since that date, he was focused on security and energy-optimized platforms for IoT embedded devices.

Jan-Ola Lomgren

Joined the ThingWave team in June 2019 in order to add business and management expertise to the company.  His management experience is based on more than 20 years in companies doing business in B2B and B2C. To that he can add more than 40 years of sale and customer relations negotiations.

Robert Mladenis
AsiaPacific DOP

with a background working in the pharmaceutical manufacturing industry for over a decade, he started working with Industrial Internet of Things devices in 2016. Since then he has collaborated extensively with Thingwave before joining the company in 2019.


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