Business Areas


ThingWave has a vision that the working environment should be as safe as possible for workers, and run without disturbances for the mining company. We have therefore developed a Ground support monitoring solution that can monitor rock bolts 24/7 and communicate anomalies in real-time.

ThingWave’s technology platform supports the monitoring of thousands of rock bolts and can monitor deformation, breakage, and vibrations.


ThingWave firmly supports Industry 4.0., and our products and systems can be used to realize applications such as Predictive maintenance, e-maintenance, and many others. Our sensors can monitor vibrations in equipment, temperatures, distance, and many other parameters.

By online and real-time monitoring, and production sites can operate at a higher efficiency due to reduced unplanned downtime. This reduces costs and increases revenue.


Work safety is one of the most important factors in order to achieve a good working environment. In the industry, there are many jobs where workers are close to dangerous equipment, hot liquids, etc. ThingWave’s monitoring platform can be used to localize users in real-time, as well as detecting on someone is a location that could be dangerous.

ThingWave’s platform can detect situations where injury can occur, and alert workers by sound and strong lights.


Industrial applications often put many requirements on the devices that are in use. ThingWave can, therefore, help our customers by offering consulting services where we together with our customers develop for example new sensor solutions, new analytics algorithms, or completely new products.