ThingWave AB is a spin-off company from the Luleå University of Technology which is focused on providing technologies and methods for a safer and more productive mining operation, as well as products and services for the Industrial Internet of Things. Our Digitalized Ground Support (DGS) technology provides mass-monitoring of rock bolts by the use of wireless sensors using mesh networks and 5G.


ThingWave’s vision is to provide our customers with increased efficiency and safety. We believe that working environments should be as safe and efficient as they possibly can. Therefore, we have developed sensor and analytics solutions for keeping mine tunnels and equipment monitored.

Internet of Things

ThingWave is a technology provider for Industrial Internet of Things (IoT) solutions. Our products and services can be used in industrial- and consumer-based applications. We provide a state of the art solution for ultra-low power sensing, mesh networks, gateways, and cloud systems. Our wireless sensor can be used to monitor a large number of different physical phenomena such as temperature, load, forces, vibrations, etc.

Industry 4.0

ThingWave’s vision on Industry 4.0 is to provide our customers with technologies and expertise on Condition monitoring, Digitalization of processes and mines, plus safety and security. Our idea is to help our customers with solutions for reducing costs for maintenance, increased safety and security, large-scale monitoring of equipment, machinery, and others. ThingWave can also provide consulting services where we together with our customers deliver customized solutions for our customer’s needs and requirements.

Digitalized Ground Support

ThingWave has pioneered the use of IoT technologies for rock bolt and ground support monitoring. Our platform can be integrated with different types of rock bolts and can send status information about elongation, strain, breakage, and seismicity to our gateway using a state of the art wireless mesh network. Our system has been field-tested at active mines and delivers real-time monitoring with up to ten years of a lifetime for each bolt. The bolts and monitored 24/7 and anomalies are detected immediately and reported back to our cloud system. From here, alarms are generated to the mine staff so they can take the correct actions.


Real-time remote monitoring

Our monitoring solution is 99.999% reliable and keeps operating 24/7 to keep our customer’s production running.

Predictive Analytics

Sensor data from our wireless and wired platforms can send large amounts of data to be processed for Predictive maintenance.

AI Analytics

ThingWave uses Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) methods for data analytics.

Smart Alarms

Our analytics system can detect anomalies and automatically generate reports and alarms.

Network Map with Location

ThingWave’s system automatically generate network graphs and show the location of all installed sensors.

Mesh Networks

ThingWave’s Industrial IoT platform provides state of the art mesh networking performance, with support for hundreds of devices in a single network. Ultra-low power consumption, security through advanced encryption and reliability of more than 99.999% are just some of the core features.

Ultra-low Power

Our wireless sensors can live up to 10 years on a single battery. This eliminates the use of expensive cable installations and makes our platforms easy to deploy in large scale installations.

Data replication

Industrial sites are some of the harshest in the world. ThingWave’s system is therefore designed to handle challenging environments with intermittent power and connectivity loss. Features such as automatic data replication and backup make our system fault-tolerant, robust, and secure.